Rob Lowe is aging in reverse

Small Screen Reviews

Dear reader I will subject myself to some new shows, and suffer through many of them, so you don’t have to.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


  Action, stealth, a seemingly unnecessary but very fun and detailed Mother Base building mechanic, a bizarre number of amputees, mutes and blind people, a robust weapons system, the unusual abi

He's talking to students still attending freaking Berkley

Rewind This

Occasionally I will dig deep into a streaming service and unearth an old movie you haven’t seen because, in all likelihood, you’re younger than me.

SJWs on Campus and all Things Geek and Games

Game reviews, SJW training camps watch, Chat with The Ralph Retort, Gamer Gate news, new Television Shows reviewed, retro movie pick of the week and more. All things geek and outrage culture.

VR and SJW Nonsense

Special guest will discuss VR Tech., we talk all things geek, more evidence SJWs are a public health hazard and I will probably mock The Professor for converting to PC Master Race.


What You Should Be Watching This Month

What happens when a lower-middle class man with 50’s sensibilities tries to raise rebellious teenagers in the 70’s? Throw in a wife who goes against the grain by trying to leave the house and pursue a