Martial Arts Monday

-By King Ruckus Every Monday, we’ll bring you martial arts fans a few recommendations from Netflix (US).

A Matter of Trust, Not Algorithms

I wasn’t going to write this up because, unless you live in cave (one might imagine Twitter CEO Jack does), then you’ve read countless articles on the latest Twitter upheaval.

Gamer Gate Murders Twitter

Over at the leftist rag The New Yorker there is confirmation that Gamer Gate is responsible for the demise of Twitter, at least in part.

Small Screen Reviews

Dear reader I will subject myself to some new shows, and suffer through many of them, so you don’t have to.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


  Action, stealth, a seemingly unnecessary but very fun and detailed Mother Base building mechanic, a bizarre number of amputees, mutes and blind people, a robust weapons system, the unusual abi

Rewind This

Occasionally I will dig deep into a streaming service and unearth an old movie you haven’t seen because, in all likelihood, you’re younger than me.