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80’s Lovers Get a Shooter in Reagan Gorbachev

80’s Kids Get Their Own Shooter

If you’re an 80’s kid like me there is a definite nostalgia for the decade. Anything that even vaguely resembles the 80’s is something I immediately notice. It’s a scientific fact that I can hear a television playing the Miami Vice theme from 5 miles away.

It’s because of that love for the 80’s, and the fact that I know it’s shared by many as evidenced by the Iheartthe80’s hashtag that trended last weekend, that I now bring you news of a new shooter available for download today. And so my fellow 80’s kids I give you Reagan Gorbachev.


Moderately priced at $9.99 the game is available, as of today, on the Xbox One store and on Steam. As of this writing publisher Team2Bit hasn’t said if the game would make it to PS4 or when that might be.

Described as a top down action/stealth shooter with couch co-op this is the second offering from Team2Bit (Fist Puncher) and looks to be as packed with 8-bit 80’s nostalgia as allowed by law. The year is 1986 and Reagan and Gorbachev have been kidnapped by militant extremists. In the sprit of Rocky 4 they must change and cooperate to escape! With an arsenal that includes samurai swords, poison darts, miniguns, shotguns, grenade launchers and more the two polar opposites must come together to prevent nuclear war and their own deaths.


From the publishers own press release the challenge of the levels lies in the fact they have multiple solutions and players can use stealth or good old fashioned 80’s run ‘n gun to make their way through:

“Many levels have more than one solution. We didn’t want it to feel too “on the rails”, like it was a top down Time Crisis sequel. That’s the puzzle element we were looking for. It’s not always immediately clear which way to choose until you survive long enough to explore a little. We think it’s fun to have levels where you can grab a minigun and take out half of a platoon, or just sneak past everyone and make a run for it. Lots of levels were cut from Reagan Gorbachev, that’s what makes the level design work. We probably used about a third of the levels that were made.”



  • Play as historical icons Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Stealth, fight, and puzzle your way through each level using a variety of skills including computer hacking, trap setting, and lock picking
  • Use weapons ranging from Katanas and Poison Blowguns to Assault Rifles and Uzis
  • 32 punishing “Meatline Miami” levels (high difficulty, short burst levels)
  • 1P or 2P local co-op
  • Unique “1 Player co-op” mode where a single player controls both characters
  • Challenge your friends to Reagan Gorbachev trivia



I don’t know about you but for the price, and because there are so few couch co-op games available these days, I am willing to give this a shot. The 80’s is calling!

The official trailer:


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