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Indie Studio Adds Veteran Writer

Veteran game writer Clay Murphy who has previously worked on Diablo 3 and the MMO Blade&Souls has signed on with indie developer Itzy Interactive to work on the companies first console offering.

According to a press release from the company Itzy, whose previous games have been iOS and Android offerings only, is now working on a supernatural thriller for release on Xbox One, PC and PS4. The self-funded game development company was formed in 2011 and Murphy joins former Bioware level designer John Winski and graphic artist David Murdoch as part of the team behind the upcoming Mad Devils game.

Concept Art from Mad Devils

Concept Art from Mad Devils

Described by Itzy Interactive as an arcade style co-op shooter, Mad Devils will be a WW2 genre game with a supernatural twist. Players will choose to play as one of 6 allied troops who have been killed and resurrected as demons and now fight to close portals being used to “..reinforce Nazi forces on Earth with devil troops.” Itzy promises each character will have its own unique level up rewards in the form of weapons and varying special powers. In addition the company website promises innovations to the shooter genre saying “From the technical advances made possible by the powerful new features in Unity5, to cutting edge physics and effects, Mad Devils is set to evolve the isometric action/shooter genre.”

Watch this space for my upcoming interview with Kyle Kulyk, Co-founder of Itzy Interactive, coming this week. If you have any questions for Mr. Kulyk about his experience as an indi developer hit me up via the contact form.


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