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Fallout 4 DLC Announced

Fallout 4 Expansions Announced

Much like the game itself there is a little bit of bad mixed in with the good in Bethesda’s recent announcement of all-new Fallout 4 DLC. If you’ve been waiting for something new and exciting to do in the Wasteland today is your day. Even better, if you bought the game with the Season Pass included you won’t be subjected to the upcoming Season Pass proce increase Bethesda announced along with the expansions.

Automatron will be first arriving in March. A horde of evil robots are unleashed on the Common Wealth and, as you destroy them, a host of new companions and customization options are unlocked. Build your own new companions from the scraps of the robots you destroy complete with customizable paint jobs, some new available weapons and an array of different voices. Price: $9.99


Wasteland Workshop comes to the Common Wealth in April and, in what sounds like a nod to the weirdly addictive Metal Gear Zoo-Building mini-game, this DLC will allow you to build your own traps and capture everything from “…Raiders to Deathclaws”. Additionally players will have the ability to make the captured prey fight one another (how long until this is fodder for SJW animal rights complaints) or even fight the settlers you worked so hard to attract. Bethesda also announced new customization options are included here, mostly for your settlements, like taxidermy and lighting options.

Price: $4.99

The biggest and most exciting piece of DLC seems to be called Far Harbor, which becomes available in May. This is a new case from the Detective Valentine Agency and takes the player out of the Common Wealth proper and to an island off the coast of Maine. Promising all new enemies, weapons, armor and quests Bethesda calls this the “largest landmass for an add-on that we’ve ever created” while brining in some familiar enemies and allies in The Children of Atom and a secret colony of synths. The content seems centered around helping Nick Valentine locate a missing young woman lost on the massive island that is highly radioactive. I’d guess you will be needing your trusty power armor to navigate this one.

Price: $24.99

Because it wouldn’t be Bethesda if we didn’t find a little something to dislike in an otherwise terrific experience they have also announced a pretty steep price hike for the Season Pass, increasing the price to $49.99 from the previous $29.99. If you already own the Season Pass the company has announced you will be getting all the content without the dreaded price increase being foisted on those who haven’t yet bought it. The price increase takes effect on March 1st so it might behoove you to run to your nearest console right now and lock-in the lower price.

For the complete press release announcing the new content bang it here.


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