Top 5 Weasel Words Used By The Gaming Press In 2016

The progressive gaming press promoting progressive game developers.

It’s only February and already a new trend is emerging in the gaming press where key expressions are used for virtue signaling their like-minded game developing friends while shaming gamers.

This non-exhaustive list of expressions is based on IGN’s reviews of indie darlings like Firewatch and The Witness; which respectively got 9.3/10 and 10/10, as well as their Nintendo Voice Chat podcast hosted by someone featured in Feminist Frequency’s 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male.

It’s a MATURE game:

The literal translation of this is this is progressive propaganda and if you don’t embrace it you are not an adult and just a child and no one wants to be a child, right?

It’s a fantastic EXPERIENCE:

When you read these words, you know you’re in for a walking simulator with no compelling gameplay feature.

It’s a great LOCALIZATION:

Be ready to play a censored game where the bits considered offensive by the neo-puritan, sex negative, activist diaspora have been removed.

It’s filled with BELIEVABLE characters:

This implies that one of the lead characters is female and that you have at least one openly LGBTQP+ character in the game and that this one single trait is the most important.

It’s very INNOVATIVE storytelling:

Used in this manner, you can be assured you are playing a mobile game that should be nowhere near a home console; you can expect the gameplay to be rudimentary and really uninspired.


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