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Gamer Gate Murders Twitter

Over at the leftist rag The New Yorker there is confirmation that Gamer Gate is responsible for the demise of Twitter, at least in part. In a piece that is written by Joshua Topolsky Gamer Gate is once again libeled as a hate mob whose relentless harassment of Womyns destroyed the social media platform.

Every line of the paragraph in which Topolsky impugns the movement reinforces the fact that he has done no research nor has he asked any rational person inside of Gamer Gate for their take. Here’s how it works: Someone whispers in this beta’s ear that there is an online mob of misogynistic hate mongers. Immediately incensed he runs home and checks his favorite “news” sites for confirmation and, having read articles on The Mary Sue, Jezebel, Gawker and Salon, he finds his outrage meter is breaking the needle and all his suspicions are confirmed. Off to the keyboard goes the Social Justice Warrior. There he writes inaccurate absurdities like this:


“…roving flocks of hateful, misogynistic, and well-organized “Gamergate” communities who flooded people’s feeds with hate speech and threats.”


You have to hand it to the guy for being so vehemently incorrect so often. Later he asserts that Twitter was ill-equipped to deal with what he calls online “mob violence”. There should be a line in the AP style book that the words “online” and “violence” are not to be used in the same sentence because it’s ridiculous. In case you’re wondering he does manage to work in several of the usual PC buzzwords and yes, my personal favorite “Safe Space” is in there.

In the same paragraph that he laughably calls Gamer Gate “organized” he digs up another example of online abuse that he does not directly link it to Gamer Gate but he certainly implies there is an association by guilt: Zelda Williams. She was “driven off of Twitter” after a series of vicious attacks. Read the full piece here if you can stomach it and you will see there is no direct accusation that Gamer Gate was involved but it’s impossible not to come away with the feeling that it’s fruit of the same poison tree in his mind.

Odd that there is no mention of Joss Whedon. He too was driven from the service, Mr. Topolsky, but by who? Error of omission? Hard to believe there may be errors in a piece authored by an egomaniac who refers to his scribblings as “highly valuable” and “hotly traded” content.

The irony here, Mr. Topolsky, is that you, SJWs like you and countless articles just like your “highly valuable” piece are what created Gamer Gate. That’s right, your outrage culture, your PC ramblings and the penchant you have for crawling into a “safe space” at the first sign of disagreement are the things that bred the monster you are so afraid of. You, sir, are Dr. Frankenstein and with every article full of accusations of misogyny and with each PC buzzword-filled rant you tighten the bolts in our collective (but certainly not “organized”) necks. Without you, there would be no us. Just how do you sleep at night knowing this?

The pushback against outrage culture will never stop and Gamer Gate, which is really Everything Gate because your creeping PC tentacles are everywhere, will never go away. Why? Because it exists to push away outrage culture and you and your ilk are always outraged. It’s the ultimate perpetual motion machine and you are a cog in it.

Later I am going to take this further and let Mr. Topolsky know why I think he is directly responsible for the surge in Donald Trumps popularity. If that doesn’t make him head for the safe space I don’t know what will. In the meantime try researching the movement you’re attempting to bash if you want to call yourself an author. With better and more accurate journalists we can #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


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